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Taylor + Chloe | CEO-ish Podcast

About CEO-ish

CEO-ish is a lifestyle podcast

hosted by creative entrepreneurs Chloe Willemsen and Taylor Graham.

The CEO-ish Podcast highlights conversations about about navigating life as a young adult, personal branding, travel, dating and relationships, self development & how they come together to fuel our empowerment, ambition, and success as women.

From sharing $h*! we’re just obsessed with, our personal struggles, and  bringing on the occasional guest including artists, entrepreneurs, & creators to help us keep the conversation relatable and unfiltered.


Taylor + Chloe | CEO-ish Podcast


We’re Taylor + Chloe, co-hosts of the CEOish Podcast, best friends, creative entrepreneurs, business partners, travel-obsessed globe trotters…. and always changing our minds and life directions.

We met when we were randomly assigned as roommates in college, and as we got to know one another we started having deep, meaningful conversations around navigating our lives, starting careers, friendships, family, dating, finding our purposes in life, and more.

After we graduated and stopped living together, we missed sitting on our bedroom floors and talking to one another. This was also during COVID, so there was a lot of uncertainty circulating. We kept saying, “we can’t be the only women who feel like this,” so we started recording our conversations. Now here we are, more than two years in, with a community of hundreds of CEOs that want to fuel their empowerment, ambition, and success as women.

Taylor + Chloe | CEO-ish Podcast


When she’s not building ad campaigns or reviewing the latest round of influencer contracts from her clients, you can find fellow CEO and co-host Taylor Graham testing out new skincare and filming TikTok content. She’s the CEO of comfy clothes and ADHD-driven impulse spending. Taylor enjoys her daily tarot card pull, planning her next travel escape, and binging an entire Netflix series in one sitting. Her weaknesses include losing her glasses on a daily basis, never finishing her drinks, and not being able to hide her facial expressions in any given situation. 

Title: ⁠CEO of Candid Facial Expressions ⁠
Astrology: Cancer ☼ Aries ☾ Aries ↟
Enneagram: 8⁠
Human Design: Generator ⁠
Meyers Briggs: ENTJ


You can likely find CEO and co-host Chloe Willemsen with a paint brush in hand and her head in the clouds. She’s the CEO of god complex driven art projects, vegetable platters, and healthy drink concoctions. As a double Aquarius with a Virgo moon that keeps her free spirit in check, Chloe is always down to plan a casual stroll through an international art museum. 

Title: ⁠CEO of the Bob Ross ⁠Wig
Astrology: Aquarius ☼ Virgo ☾ Aquarius ↟
Enneagram: 9
Human Design: Generator ⁠
Meyers Briggs: INFJ

Taylor + Chloe | CEO-ish Podcast