CEO-ish Podcast



CEO-ish is a top 10% most shared podcast that fuels the empowerment, ambition, and success of women globally.

The CEO-ish Podcast is hosted by your favorite creative entrepreneurs and CEOs Taylor Graham and Chloe Willemsen. They highlight relatable and unfiltered conversations about about navigating life in your 20s, personal branding, travel, dating and relationships, and self development. CEO-ish has duality — just like women do! CEO-ish is a space where you can hang up your #GirlBoss hat, feel welcomed and supported, and find a global community of women navigating all the changes that come with being in your 20s. Our mission is to inspire and empower you to prioritize your self-care and mental wellbeing while building your dream life. 

CEO Taylor Graham 

When she’s not buried in her computer building Facebook Ad campaigns, you can most likely find Taylor online shopping at Sephora. She enjoys her testing new skincare products, building her perfume collection, planning out her next international escapade, and a jaw-dropping adult fantasy book. Her weaknesses include losing her glasses on a daily basis, never finishing her drinks, and not being able to hide her facial expressions. 
Astrology: Cancer sun with an Aries moon and rising. And in case you were wondering… No. I am not okay. 😂 
Enneagram: 8⁠
Human Design Type: Generator ⁠
Meyers Briggs: ENTJ
Word that Describes Me: Talkative! My brother used to beg me to stop talking as a kid. 
Love Language: Acts of Service
Song on Repeat: Anything by the 1975, or one of my many jazz playlists!
Favorite Snack: Pistachio flavored anything 
Favorite Place to Travel: Paris is #1 in my heart, but I’ll always have soft spots for Amsterdam and Budapest 

CEO Chloe Willemsen (aka C.E.Chlo) 

You can always find Chloe with her Apple pencil and iPad in hand. If she isn’t working on her latest graphic design project, she’s planning out her next mural, laying horizontally with her cat Frida, or making funny, out-of-pocket TikTok videos. As a double Aquarius with a Virgo moon that works overtime to keep her free spirit in check, Chloe is always down to plan a casual stroll through an international art museum. 

Astrology: Aquarius sun and rising with a Virgo moon. I’m as creative and go with the flow as they come, but the Virgo keeps me grounded and on-task. 
Enneagram: 9
Human Design: Generator ⁠
Meyers Briggs: INFJ
Word that Describes Me: Tall. I’m 6 feet tall, and unlike these men on Hinge I’m not lying about it. 
Love Language: Words of affirmation, but honestly all of them in rotation is preferred. Is that too much to ask?
Song on Repeat: Depends on the week, currently it’s Confidence by Ocean Alley 
Favorite Snack: Medium fry and a large McDonalds Coke NO ICE!! 
Favorite Place to Travel: Her solo trip to Florence, Italy